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Family Office – Scoping Study

What are the family’s vision and expectations? Who are the beneficiaries of the family office? What does the family want to do with its wealth, family business, philanthropy, talents and children? Which part of the family wealth shall be allocated to the family office? Which services are needed and for whom? 

Key priority functions of the family office to be considered:

  • Investment strategy: will the family office take on a purely advisory function or act as an asset manager?
    • Confidentiality, assets in a family office or held by individuals, liquid versus illiquid assets.
    • Develop investment regulations and define benchmarks.
    • Consider dividend levels and payout ratios.
    • Controlling function in-house versus external.
  • Administration of wealth: separation of private from business assets.
    • Strategic and tactical asset allocation: day-to-day wealth management.
    • Governance issues (investment committee and other boards).
  • Tax at individual family member level: level of service for beneficiaries.
  • Holistic accounting and tax advisory for all assets, whether or not managed by the family office.
  • Acquisition and management of private assets.
  • Should the family office cover philanthropic issues and family education?

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