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Family Office – Selecting the Financial Institution

In parallel to the make-or-buy decision, a fundamental choice to be made when setting up a family office is the selection of the financial institution to partner with. Financial institutions offer IT platform solutions and advice of critical importance, even to larger family offices that conduct most activities in-house.

The range of services offered by a financial institution to family offices usually depends on its size, business model and international presence. Smaller institutions often focus on advisory and asset management, while large universal institutions can offer a wider range of services given their international platform and experience with institutional clients.

Most family offices chose one lead institutional partner. In addition to the lead firm, two to three additional institutions may be selected for risk diversification purposes or to meet specific needs. Services and solutions offered are listed in below.

Services and Solutions

Wealth Planning Wealth Management Trading and Execution Lending Capital Transaction Custody and Platforms
Extended Offering by Universal Banks
  • Private Label Funds
  • Trust Solutions
  • Family Solutions
  • Research
  • Social Responsible Investment and Philanthropy
  • Customized Mandates
  • Prime Services/ Brokerage
  • 24h Execution
  • Special Lending and Structured Lending Solutions
  • Corporate Finance
  • Exclusive Investment Opportunities
  • International Booking Platforms
  • Global Custody
  • Advanced Execution Tools
Basic Services offered by Financial Institutions
  • Comprehensive Financial Advice
  • Basic Banking Services
  • Investment and Trading Advisory
  • Discretionary Mandates
  • Brokerage/ Trade Execution
  • Real Estate Financing
  • Lombard Lending
  • Prime Access to Off-Market-Deals
  • Online Tools
  • Beauty Contest/ Best in Class

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