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Due to great success and plans to expand faster…your help is welcome!

Dear Friends

one of my clients is looking for an additional $50m to further expand their copper gold and silver sourcing and production (concentrates) business in Peru. After successfully selling their concessions/operations in DRC/Africa in December to a chinese conglomerate they took the opportunity in South America to come back in a more stabilized business enviroment and scale up their operations. The current concentrates production is already fully operational and monthly deliveries taking place constantly.
Just recently they joined forces with (one of) the biggest Swiss commodity companies and signed a major off-take agreement with the company’s local branch in Peru. The agreement gives them the right to sell well above current production levels.
Therefore they ask for $50m (5m tranches possible) to further increase production step by step. If you are currently not able to provide the necessary ressources youself – you can forward this request to people who you might think are a good fit to help further expand the business.

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