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Family Office Services – Advisory

At the heart of any family office is investment management. However, a fully developed family office can provide a number of other services, which range from training and education to ensuring that best practices are followed in family governance. Let´s have a look at Advisory:

Risk Management and Insurance Services

This is a service that has assumed a more important role in recent years because of the financial crisis of 2008/09 and the subsequent fallout. It will be a crucial service for family offices in the future as well. These services include:

  • Risk analysis, measurement and reporting.
  • Assessment of insurance requirements, policy acquisition and monitoring.
  • Evaluation of existing policies and titling of assets.
  • Evaluation of security options for clients and property.
  • Formulation of disaster recovery options and plans.
  • Protection of assets, which could involve the use of offshore accounts.
  • Development of strategies to ensure hedging of concentrated investment positions.
  • Physical security of the family.
  • Data security and confidentiality.
  • Review of social media policy and the development of a reputation management strategy.

Compliance and Regulatory Assistance

Family offices nedd to ensure strict compliance with regulations pertaining to investments, assets and business operations. Necessary services may include:

  • Providing auditing services for internal issues.
  • Establishing a corporate governance mechanism.
  • Ensuring a high level of staff hiring.
  • Group performance monitoring and compliance.
  • Offering recommendations on independent and board advisory formation.
  • Strengtening the regulatory investment process.

Tax and Legal Advisory

Tax, in particular, has become a much more important issue for family offices in recent years and as such has assumed a larger role among the functions of a family office. Legal matters are also important. A family office will typically employ a general counsel and/ or chartered accountant, or several accountants and tax experts. These professionals may be able to provide the following services:

  • Construct a tax plan to best suit the family.
  • Design investment and estate planning strategies that take into account both investment and non-investment income sources and their tax implications.
  • Ensure that all parts of the family office are tax compliant.

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