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Family Office Services – Strategy

At the heart of any family office is investment management. However, a fully developed family office can provide a number of other services, which range from training and education to ensuring that best practices are followed in family governance. Let´s have a look at Strategy:

Training and education

Much of this resolves around the education of the next generation on issues including wealth management and financial literacy, as well as wider economic matters. These services include:

  • Organizing family meetings.
  • Ensuring family education commitments.
  • Coordination of generational education with outside advisers.

Estate and wealth transfer

Family offices will be involved in business succession and legacy planning, enabling the transfer of wealth to the next generation. These services include:

  • Wealth protection, transfer analysis, and planning related to the management of all types of assets and income sources.
  • Customized services for estate settlement and administration.
  • Professional guidance on family governance.
  • Professional guidance regarding wealth transfer to succeeding generations.

Business and financial advisory

Beyond asset management advisory, family offices will also provide advisory services on financing and business promotion. These include:

  • Debt syndicating.
  • Promoter financing.
  • Bridge financing.
  • Structured financing.
  • Private equity.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Management buyouts.
  • Business development.

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