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ZMOT – Ways to Win Shoppers at the Zero Moment of Truth Handbook

Since we published Winning the Zero Moment of Truth last year, nearly 200,000 marketers around the world have read our ebook. It’s been great to see businesses big and small embracing the new customer journey.

The unprecedented convergence of the global economic recession and the explosion in technology really has caused buyers to change how they interact with brands. No longer do they see your advertising and then show up at the store wanting to learn more. Now, after consumers hear about you, their next step is to learn more (and look for the best price) at the Zero Moment of Truth: that instant when they open their laptops, pick up their smartphones or grab their tablets, and search to see if you meet their needs. They may read a review, look for a coupon, watch a video, or read a blog or social network discussion of your brand. We are officially living in a post-Akerlof world — any trace of information asymmetry tipping the balance in favor of the seller is officially gone.

In my travels evangelizing ZMOT — meeting, talking and emailing with marketers from around the U.S. to Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Russia, France, the Netherlands, Australia, Poland, Turkey and Brazil — I’ve seen that ZMOT is being universally embraced as the new critical moment for brands. These marketers say, “OK, I believe in ZMOT. Now how do I get started?” In the ebook we offered seven initial suggestions to win ZMOT. But we’ve heard you’d like even more suggestions and more specific steps to win ZMOT.

That’s why we recently revamped the site to provide more tools, assets, presentations, checklists, slides and images. And it’s why we’re launching this handbook. It’s intended to give newcomers to ZMOT and digital marketing a set of practical ideas and recommendations to help them win. I’d like to thank Todd and Brian for the handbook idea, and Jenny, Deb and Fritz for making this handbook a reality, as they did with the original ebook. Special thanks also to our Google experts, Nina, Jason, Johanna and Avinash, who once again shared their wisdom.

Enjoy the handbook and implement it for your brand! Don’t wait. As we said in the first book, “Brands that win the Zero Moment of Truth stand to gain a competitive advantage over those that choose to ignore it.” Jump in, good luck, and keep the ZMOT feedback coming!

by Jim Lecinski, Chief ZMOT Evangelist

ZMOT Handbook


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