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Greece takes Pole Position in a Cash Free Economy.

A draft plan by the government to increase state revenues, which is to be submitted to the Brussels Group on, includes increasing the luxury tax by 30 percent, imposing an accommodation levy on hotels with three stars or more, and the obligatory use of credit or debit cards for transactions of 70 euros or more on islands that have more than 3,000 inhabitants.

Will it get even easier to control cashflows without having cash? Assuming Europe led by Greece will be the first in place to accept pure non cash payments. What will happen globally? Governments don`t need to print anymore – it is just distracting or adding zeros to the balance sheet. That saves a lot of costs and resources. But who is the one that has to pay at the end? Consumers again to the beneficiaries like the big credit card companies and the Banks? A lot of unanswered questions only scratching the surface.

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