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Global Growth Companies Shaping the Future of Business

Thriving economies and societies rely on the influence and contribution of robust and dynamic medium-sized enterprises. The World Economic Forum’s Community of Global Growth
Companies brings together the world’s most dynamic, influential and companies as innovators market shapers, and supports their potential for impact in their region, their sector and around the globe.
As of January 2014, the Community of Global Growth Companies comprises more than 360 firms from over 60 countries. Membership in the community is by invitation only and is a result of a diligent review of selection criteria. Typical Global Growth Companies exceed their industry standards in revenue growth and innovative business practices, and have a track record of leadership and – above all – exemplary corporate global citizenship.
Global Growth Companies not only have an impact on their industries and societies, but also play a major role in global economic prosperity. They are among the top job creators and are essential to a healthy regional and global business ecosystem. At the Forum, the importance of medium-sized enterprises is strongly emphasized and understood. For this reason, Global Growth Companies are invited to join the New Champions community as a way of recognizing their significance in the global business landscape and their potential as tomorrow’s global corporate leaders.
Together with the other New Champions, the Global Growth Companies form a key component of the World Economic Forum. These companies share leading ideas and insights on regional and industry agendas, cooperate in corporate citizenship and engage with peers in an exchange of best practices on scaling. Additionally, the Forum’s multistakeholder framework provides a global platform from which they can demonstrate their deep commitment to improving the state of the world.







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