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A Few Surprising Facts About Physical Attractiveness And Income Read more:

It’s well established that beautiful people earn more, but the effects may be different than you expect.

A Germany study asked interviewers to rate job candidates for attractiveness at the beginning or at the end of the interviewer, also asking the job candidates to rate themselves. These ratings (on a scale of 1-11) were cross-referenced with employment and wage outcome.

It turns out the effects of interviewer ratings are three times larger for men than women.

Interestingly male earnings increase on a non-linear scale, which suggests that unattractiveness is punish in men more than attractiveness is rewarded. Female earnings increase on a linear scale, which suggests a direct relationship between female beauty and earnings.

Also interesting is that women are much better at evaluating their own beauty, matching the interviewer’s ratings closely.

Draw your own conclusions:



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