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Weekly Business Opportunity (WBO)

I have created this new series of posts to get the most out of the networks that i´m connected with. Instead of writing and talking to anyone individually – which is getting more and more complicated as my networks have grown to a couple of thousands of high profile individuals and companies.
So the idea arose that i simply blog the new ideas that are crossing my way once a week. And if you are interested in introducing your idea, Investment or event – just let me know – and send me an excecutive summary.
It would be perfect if you can support the idea and spread it through your networks to make it a max success.

Switzerland (Baar) – Waste Management 15M needed

The company is alreday established and has some interesting new contracts for the 3rd generation of their defragmentation technology. The output in termes of purity is unique in the business and CO2 neutral. The money is needed to speed up the international expansion.
Another plus is the Management Team and another Patent which is an additive that can be a revolution in the construction of streets and tunnels.

USA (Miami) – Beverage 600T in exchange of 30% company shares

An already establshed brand in the US is seeking additional funds for their European expansion. First step will be the german speeking countries. A smart design and the good taste will leave a footprint on the market.

Please spread this in your Network.

For more Information contact me directly.


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