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People in my Network you should know! (PimNysk!)

I have created this new series of posts to get the most out of the networks that i´m connected with. Instead of writing and talking to anyone individually – which is getting more and more complicated as my networks have grown to a couple of thousands of high profile individuals and companies.
So the idea arose that i simply blog about the people in my Network. If you have done something special or can ad a plus value somehow, – just let me know – and i will help to promote you.
It would be perfect if you can support the idea and spread it through your networks to make it a max success.

Benjamin “Mr. Beniiii” Aebischer

during the time i know him he was always passionate in the things he has done. A true entrepeneur with major skills in connecting people and making the business he is touching a huge success.
He is very focused and like a Pitbull – once he has a target you can not stop him. If you want to know more about him or get connected check Linkedin, Xing, Facebook, aSW
He is also the man you need to talk to if you want to do business in EE, ME or LatAm…Everything has its price – i can say it´s worth it.

Ziad Abdelnour

He is the guy you need to talk to if a helping hand is needed or simply want to do high level communication. He is Founder and President of the United States Committee for a Free Lebanon (USCFL), Founder and Chairman of the Financial Policy Council, Member of the Board of Governors of the Middle East Forum and Former President of the Arab Bankers Association of North America.

He has done a couple of transactions in the investment banking, high yield bond and distressed debt markets and has been widely recognized for playing an integral role in the global capital markets.

You find more in detail about Ziad on Facebook, Linkedin, aSW


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