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Weekly Business Opportunity (WBO)

I have created this new series of posts to get the most out of the networks that i´m connected with. Instead of writing and talking to anyone individually – which is getting more and more complicated as my networks have grown to a couple of thousands of high profile individuals and companies.
So the idea arose that i simply blog the new ideas that are crossing my way once a week. And if you are interested in introducing your idea, Investment or event – just let me know – and send me an excecutive summary.
It would be perfect if you can support the idea and spread it through your networks to make it a max success.

Casino in Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) – Investment 3M / Return 20% p.a.

From following US destinations there are direct flights to Punta Cana: Baltimore, Philadelphia, Cleveland, New York, Sandfort, Charlotte, Miami,
Minneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, Pitttsburg, St-Louis, Cincinnati, Boston, Hartfort, San Juan, Newark, Orlando, Atlanta, Houston, Fort Lauderdale

Also there are direct flights from 11 destinations in Canada, 22 destinations from Europe Inclusive Russia as well as 11 destinations from South & Central America. The casino occupies 5.380 square feet of space that its rents from the resort. There is a possibility to extend the casino space if needed for the future.

The management restarted a junket players program end of 2010 which had considerable increased the profit and the value of the company.

All this generally will give a long term extreme positive effect for the casino operation which will increase the value of the company in a remarkable way!

This casino reflects a good chance to step into the Dominican gaming market in a very secure and safe way for a professional company as well as for a private investor to increase his return on equity!

Golfcourse in Belarus

Brandnew Golfcourse incl. a Golfresort with 350 houses, hotel, restaurant and all the other needs.

The course was planned by a english architect and the building company is from England as well. The start for this project is 2012 and should be finished in 2016.

Please spread this in your Network!

For more infos contact me directly.


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