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25M Private Equity Fund is seeking for Investors

Requests from a lot of people in my Network has shown that investor interest in innovative young companies is alive and well, particularly for companies with global ambitions.

Early stage investment has always been seen as an exciting, but risky alternative asset class, but set in the context of today’s market turmoil, its relative risk profile is altered. These businesses are perfectly poised to exploit their market opportunities as more established players divert resources to deal with the effects of the credit crunch.

So we decided to set up a Fund that is investing in the potential Leaders of the future but were also seeking for companies with an established Management Team.

We picked companies from the fields of Logistic, Software, Social Media, Recycling/ Waste Management, B2B Event-Management, Sportrights/ Promotion to have an as much as possible diversified portfolio of leading companies.

On the logistic market we are focussing on well established niche players with a large potential to become leader in their Area (German-speaking countries)

In the recycling/ waste Management we have identified a company that is looking to finance their growth into Asia and Eastern European countries. There patented technology gives them the Advance to become the global market leader.

On the Software market we have identified a company that will revolutionize the advertise market and is now in talks of their first large partnership. (Potential: Worldwide Market Leader)

In the B2B – Eventmanagement sector we have identified a company with a complete new approach of bringing together demand and supply. They have now a five-year advance to other competitors and plan to expand their business to the BRIC and N-11 countries.

In the field of Sportrights/ Promotion we have found a company that is already established in Asia but is looking to expand worldwide.

Another interesting company we identified has patents on the CO2 neutral improvement on Power plants. Their Focus is on old Russian Power Plants where they managed to improve output by 10-15%. The potential at the moment is majorly Eastern Europe.

The estimated IRR is +20% and the Fund Duration is planned for 5-7 years.

The management will always be involved with own money. If you have questions about the settlement just let me know.


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  1. I am founder of a software technology company. We have exciting products with huge market opportunities waiting for us as well our partners. Our current focus is on location marketing, celebrity videos and biometrics (All 3 are huge global markets) to be tapped.

    Check my company website at

    In next 3 years, we would want to reach US, EU, Middle East and Asia Pacific Markets. The opportunity to growth is huge. Therefore I am looking for partner (investor) to help us get to market fast and get due dividends.

    You can reach me at

    01/04/2012 at 1:17 PM

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