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Consumer Luxury Trend – Made in China?

The luxury market is still changing a lot in terms of demand. Especially China where you would have almost no chance to establish a product with the Trademark “Made in China”. But over the next years we will see a change in that after the completion of a cultural transformation.

And probably they will be the leading generator to a different kind of requested HiTec products, such as robots that help you too do the household. Away from only supplying parts to different products they will be part in the whole value chain.

And the demand for once-in-a-lifetime experiences (spacetrip) will increase while the at-any-time-experience will decrease. The trend may start in China because there we see the fastest growth in terms of rich people that are likely to spend money for the “Extra”. Especially as we will see a lot very young people within the next years that will make their way up.

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